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Bulldog Esports Win Streak Hits 21 Straight Wins

Lyons, GA. – October 20, 2022

Toombs County Bulldogs Esports defeated Richmond Hill and Harlem on Tuesday to remain undefeated and extend their win streak to 21 games. 

The first team Splatoon 3 Bulldogs defeated the Richmond Hill Wildcats 3-0 winning Turf War, Rainmaker, and Splat Zones. The Bulldogs were led by Tyler James and Christian Smith in Turf War with 11 splats and 3 specials each. In Rainmaker, the Bulldogs won by knockout and were led by Tyler James with 8 splats and Adam Copeland with 7. In Splat Zones, Toombs was once again led by Adam Copeland with 5 Splats and 1 special. 

The second team Splatoon 3 Bulldogs also won over the Harlem Bulldogs 3-1. The Bulldogs were led by Josue Lara and Jack Williams in this match.

The Bulldogs head into the fifth week of the regular season still undefeated and topping the Georgia State standings in both titles. Both teams will be back in action this Thursday as they take on Rockdale County and Discovery High School in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and will play two Splatoon 3 matches next Tuesday. 

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