Bulldogs Defeat Two-Time Defending Champion Northview To Preserve Win Streak

Lyons, GA. – October 5, 2022

Fall 2022 marks the third season of Splatoon competition for PlayVS affiliated esports leagues. During this span, no one has ever beaten the Northview Titans. The Titans have won the last two PlayVS Eastern League Championships, which include schools from the entire eastern half of the United States, and have never dropped a game in the entire history of their Splatoon program. This impressive run came to an end Tuesday afternoon as the Toombs County Bulldogs snapped the Titans’ streak and extended their own win streak to 13 games. 

The Bulldogs came into Tuesday’s match undefeated and enjoying an 11-game win streak stretching back into the preseason. The team, led by seniors Adam Copeland and Tyler James, managed to take three rounds off the Titans, winning the best of three series. 

Each round in a Splatoon 3 match is a different game mode. Round 1 is Turf War, which requires teams to paint more of the ground within the arena their team’s color. The team with the most area painted at the end of 3 minutes wins the round. The Bulldogs were led in this round by Tyler James with 14 splats and 3 specials. Toombs covered 58.2% to the Titans 29.6% of all areas that could be potentially covered on the map. 

Round 2 is called Rainmaker. During this mode, teams compete to move the Rainmaker, which is a large golden statue, past the other team and onto the podium on the other side of the map. The Bulldogs were led by Tyler James and Adam Copeland with 17 splats and five specials each. The Bulldogs defeated the Titans in this round 96-51. 

Round 3 is Splat Zones. During Splatzones,  teams compete to control a small section of the map and keep it painted their team’s color. The Bulldogs were led by Adam Copeland with 12 splats and 4 specials. Toombs won over the Titans in this round by Knockout. 

The Bulldog’s second Spaltoon 3 team also defeated Northview’s second team on Tuesday delivering the JV Titans their first loss of the season. This team was led by Jack Williams and Walker Robinson in this match. The Second Team Bulldogs also remain unbeaten on the year. 

Both Splatoon 3 teams are undefeated and ranked 1st and 3rd respectively in the State of Georgia this week. The Bulldogs look to extend their win streak to 15 this Thursday as they take on Columbus High School and Tattnall County in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. 

The full replay of our 3-0 win over Northview is available here: https://youtu.be/fmfcbUKuX9w

For live streams of all Toombs County Bulldogs Esports action, please follow Toombs Esports on our Twitch feed: https://www.twitch.tv/toombsesports