Toombs County Athletics esports 2023 Spring Preview

Toombs County Athletics Esports Spring Preview 2023

Lyons, GA. – January 13, 2023 | Coach Tyler Corley

Toombs County Athletics Esports Ready to Build on 2022 State Runners Up Finish.

The start of the Spring 2023 esports season at Toombs County High School is just around the corner, and the team is looking to improve on their impressive performance from the Fall 2022 season. After a State Runner-up finish in the Fall and with the popularity of esports on the rise, Toombs County High School looks to position itself as one of the premier esports programs in Georgia. 

The Spring 2023 program will feature two competitive teams: one for the popular game “Rocket League “ and one for “Splatoon 3.” Each team will consist of three to four students who will represent the school in online competitions against other high schools in Georgia and across the United States.

Toombs County High School has offered an esports program since the program’s launch in the Fall of 2020. The school has invested in state-of-the art equipment and software to ensure that the teams have everything they need to compete at a high level. Additionally, all Toombs County Esports matches are livestreamed for the public to view at

“The start of a new esports season is an exciting time for our players,” said Tyler Corley, the program’s head coach. “We are thrilled to be able to offer this opportunity to our students and we are confident that our teams will continue to build on the success we enjoyed last season.”

One of the most exciting aspects of offering esports is that it provides students with a way to connect with their peers and form friendships. Many students have found a sense of community through esports and the program has had a positive impact on student engagement and well-being.

The Toombs County High School esports program is also seen as a way to prepare students for the future. Many colleges and universities now offer scholarships specifically for esports, and professional teams and organizations are hiring and providing career opportunities, thus, Toombs County High School wants to give students a head start in this growing field.

The Toombs County Esports team will begin practice on January 17th and the season will begin the week of January 30th. Both the Rocket League and Splatoon 3 teams will be led by senior captains Adam Copeland and Tyler James. 

To learn more about the Toombs County Athletics Esports State Runner Up finish in Splatoon 3, click here.

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