This year the net dawgs are planning to build off of the momentum that last year’s senior class helped to build.  With 4 returning seniors and one new senior in the lineup the team is not young in talent nor in experience.  These athletes know what it takes to get the job done in order to continue into the postseason. 

I’m proud of where we have come with this program over the years, but really I’m most proud of the mindset that these young ladies are developing.  They are learning to see that success or failure does not define who they are as a person or as an athlete, but rather they have embraced these as opportunities for growth both individually and as a group. This will be something that these ladies will take with them for the rest of their lives.  

Teamwork truly defines this group of ladies this year.  In the past we have relied heavily on the offense from one or two players.  However, this year holds a lot of promise with what I think could be the largest group of attackers and solid servers that I’ve had the opportunity of coaching.  It all comes down to work ethic and mindset.  If these hold strong and continue to develop then I truly believe we can be as good as these ladies want to be.  I couldn’t be more excited to see what this team does this year.  We have the opportunity to bring quality players off the bench to help fill roles if we are struggling or move players around to meet the needs of a particular match.  If these ladies will embrace the idea of the common “team” goal then look to see the net dawgs in at least a 5th straight appearance in the “sweet 16”! 

The bar has been set!  Now let’s get it done!

Coach Tom Broadnax
Head Volleyball Coach


Toombs County Volleyball Tom Brodnax

Tom Broadnax

Head Coach

Terry Goodwin

Assistant Coach