The Resurgence

The MatDogs are gearing up for one of their most high-powered seasons in recent years. With the team coming into the season ranked in the top 5 in Class 2A of every preseason ranking out there, the team is quietly preparing. Drowning out any and all rankings, expectations, or prognostications; the goal for this team is to simply… Chase Greatness. 

The foundation has been laid to do just that as this season gets rolling! Looking to have 65+ rostered wrestlers this season, the buzz around the program is electrifying! A lot of that buzz was created last season when Tank Morris made the Individual State Championship Finals. Tank will be looking to improve this season and lead his team in what is gearing up to be a season of epic proportions. Accompanying Tank in the Senior class is Wil “Smash” Watts. Wil is going to be joining Tank as his eyes, too are set on a State Championship in February. In addition, our girl’s program is set to make noise as Senior Emily Hower looks to make history by being the first Toombs girl MatDog to reach the podium. The supporting cast is shaping up to be just as exciting for the MatDogs: 

  • Juniors- Kameron Clark (State Placer), Sam Register (State Qualifier), Brock Nobles (State Qualifier), Mike Jones (Sectional Qualifier), Corneisha Bullard

  • Sophomores- Dabvn Wadley (State Qualifier), Dylan Vetter (Sectional Qualifier), Bruce Agzigian (Sectional Qualifier), Kayla Lopez

We also have a couple of immediate impact freshmen that are looking to shake things up — Tyson Brantley and Hayden Roy.

The MatDogs are excited to get on the mat this 2022-23 season and are looking to bring some hardware back to TCHS and Our Community! 

Todd Allen
Head Wrestling Coach

“The changing of the seasons brings with it a sense of anticipation. We can feel it, sense it, and smell it in the air. As the leaves exchange their lush green for bright gold and red our focus turns to the six months ahead. Slates are wiped clean, but the goals and expectations of winning a National [State] Title remain the same. Each day will deliver a new form of adversity, but we have the ability to meet it head-on and overcome the challenges. Some people believe in fate, that our future is predetermined. I believe in choices. We could accept mediocrity or decide to reach beyond our capabilities, drop the weight or push through another rep, sleep in or rise early, slow down or sprint another 100 yards, stop wrestling or embrace the grind. The smallest choices we make now will ultimately shape a large part of the future. It’s all about choices, and that’s the beauty of it…. THE SEASON HAS ARRIVED.” 

— Minnesota Wrestling


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